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Which Reminds Me Of The Guy Joined The Airborne And Is Up In The

Topic: g-rated

Which reminds me of the guy joined the airborne and is up in the plane for his first jump. The Sergeant goes through the same routine: "All right, men, when you jump out the door, count to ten, pull the ripcord. If the 'chute doesn't open pull the ripcord on your emergency 'chute. When you land on the ground, there'll be a truck there to take you back to the base."

The guy jumps out of the plane when it's his turn, counts to ten, pulls the ripcord and nothing happens. Pulls the ripcord on the emergency 'chute - nothing.

The guy hollers: "That damn lying Sergeant! I bet there won't even be a truck there to take us back to the base!"

ALPHA v0.3