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The Indian From The Little Big Horn

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The Indian From the Little Big Horn

80 years after Little Big Horn, an East Coast journalist began research on George Armstrong Custer. A friend told him that an Indian that lived through that experience was still living and furthermore remembered EVERY event of his long life. The journalist visited Chief Big Eagle, who now lived in a small town in Pennsylvania. When he arrived and stated his purpose, the Chief agreed to answer his questions.

"On what day of the week did the event take place? " -- "Wednesday"

"What was Custer wearing?" -- "Black uniform ... ceremonial sword ... old hat"

"What did Custer eat for breakfast?" -- "Eggs"

The journalist was skeptical and figured anyone could make up these answers. He left, and never published his article.

Ten years later, the journalist was by coincidence driving through the same small town, and decided to see if the old Chief was still living. To his surprise, he was.

As the journalist walked in he raised his hand in the air and said, "How!"

"Over easy, with potatoes on the side", said the chief.

ALPHA v0.3