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The College Kid And The Hillbilly

Topic: g-rated

The College Kid and The Hillbilly

A college kid from up north got hopelessly lost in the backwoods trying to take a short-cut home for the holidays. He finally came upon a lone farm house and saw an Old Hillbilly sitting on the front porch in a rocking chair. He went up to the Old Hillbilly to get directions:

Student: "Excuse me sir, but, could you tell me how to get to Smithville ?"

Old Hillbilly: "Sorry, young fellow, but, I never heered of it."

Student: "Well, could you tell me how to get back to the Interstate?"

Old Hillbilly: "Ah, what's this here Inter-state thing?"

Student: "It's the main road that goes north and south, a super highway."

Old Hillbilly: "A super road you say. Didn't know there was one."

Student: "You sure don't know much about what's going on, do you?"

Old Hillbilly: "Maybe not, young fellow, but, then again -- I ain't lost."

Student (not knowing when to leave bad enough alone): "I've been told that you old backwoodsmen are pretty smart even though you haven't had much schooling."

Old Hillbilly: "Could be. Though I did attend school back in ought 7 and 8."

Student: "Well sir, I am a college student and I wonder if you would mind having a contest with me to see which of us is the smarter?"

Old Hillbilly: "Wouldn't mine atall - what you got in mind?"

Student: "How about if we take turns asking each other questions until one of us can't answer."

Old Hillbilly: "And what did you say the stakes were?"

Student: "Well, I didn't - but if you want to play for money - let's say one dollar a question."

Old Hillbilly: "Seems to me - you being a college student and all - that you put up a dollar an I put up fifty cents."

Student: "That's fine with me. You start."

Old Hillbilly: "Okey. What has three legs, is purple, and barks like a dog ?"

Student: (after a long pause) "I don't know. Here's your dollar. But, what does have three legs, is purple, and barks like a dog ?"

Old Hillbilly: "Danged if I know - here's your fifty cents."

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