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Fuzzy The Bunny

Topic: g-rated

Fuzzy the Bunny

Once there was a cute little bunny rabbit named Fuzzy. Fuzzy had long floppy ears and big floppy feet, and a big fuzzy tail. One day he was playing with his boy in the front yard when he decided to, for some unknown reason, run out into the street. Perhaps he had herd the joke about the chicken and wanted to see if a rabbit could also cross the road.

Low and behold there was a hair dresser driving down the road, who was busily fluffing his hair in the mirror. You guessed it, the hair dresser ran right over cute little Fuzzy. The hair dresser, being the caring soul he was, stopped to see if he could render aid.

The kid was screaming, and the parents were on the scene by this time consoling the kid and waving their arms. The parents began to yell at the hair dresser, when all of a sudden a light came on in the hair dressers' head. He ran to his car and grabbed a spray bottle out of it. He sprayed little Fuzzy, it was a miracle, Fuzzy got up, did a couple of hops and then waved, did a couple more hops and then waved again, did a couple more hops and waved again. This continued until little Fuzzy was safely in his yard, he stopped hopping, but kept on waving.

The parents were estatic and hugged the hair dresser in thanks. They asked, "What was that you sprayed on Fuzzy?"

The hair dresser raised the bottle to read the label, it was 'Hair Reviver with a Permanent Wave.'

ALPHA v0.3