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Famous Last Words By All Fisherman (At One Time Or Another)

Topic: g-rated

Famous Last Words by all fisherman (at one time or another)

Begin all sentences with the words .... DON'T WORRY ....

1. the fish are hitting like crazy!

2. the ice is safe.

3. I really know the lake.

4. we can get beer there.

5. we can get bait there.

6. they have plenty of boats there.

7. the locals think I'm terrific.

8. you're allowed ten bass.

9. the warden never comes here.

10. I'll do the talking.

11. I'll pay the fine.

12. the storm will miss us.

13. we'll be back by noon.

14. I have plenty of gas.

15. this thing can't be stuck.

16. I know a guy who will tow us.

17. the fish aren't spoiled.

18. you can stay with me.

19. my wife won't mind.

20. the water is safe to drink.

21. the worms are fresh.

22. those mushrooms are okay.

23. I'll make the sandwiches.

24. I'm an expert at this.

25. I'll put you in the best spot.

26. there won't be a soul there.

27. the boat's a terrific buy.

28. it's deep enough if you stay left.

29. the fog will lift.

30. we won't get lost.

31. we have plenty of light left.

32. someone will find us.

33. the bugs aren't bad this year.

34. I have permission.

35. that dog won't bite.

36. the owner lives out of state.

37. it's just a three hour float.

38. it's just a short easy hike.

39. the ground ahead is solid.

40. I'll throw you a stick.

41. the skunk is bluffing.

42. I know how to kill the smell.

43. all the fishermen drink here.

44. you'll like my buddies.

45. I'll stay sober.

46. I can kick all your butts.

47. I know those gals.

48. your wife won't know.

49. nobody will notice.

50. this won't hurt.

51. all boats collect a little water.

52. I can swim.

53. I know first aid.

54. it'll be fun.

55. it doesn't look bad.

56. I don't think it's poisonous.

57. the water will smooth as glass.

58. it only looks expensive.

59. I can get closer.

60. it's real shallow here.

ALPHA v0.3