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Bill And His Friends

Topic: g-rated

Bill And His Friends

Bob was very tired of his friend Bill, who was always name- dropping. "If you're such a big shot, why don't you go over to the phone, call the White House, and get the President on the line?"

"Okay," said Bill. He punched in a number and in a few seconds someone answered the phone. Bill handed the phone to Bob. "Hello, this is the president," said the familiar voice on the other end.

Bob thought it was a trick. "Okay, that was impressive," said Bob. "But if you are really such a hotshot, why don't you call Buckingham Palace and let me talk with the queen?"

Bill went back to the phone and punched in a number and handed the receiver to Bob. "Hello," came a distinctive voice. "This is the Queen of England speaking."

Bob was very impressed, but still very suspicious. "All right, you happen to know the president and the queen. But if you're really a big deal, you'll get the pope on the phone."

"I'll do better than that," said Bill. Bill took Bob to the airport and they boarded a plane to the Vatican. There Bill disappeared, leaving Bob to mill about with the crowd in St. Peter's Square.

Suddenly the crowd became silent. Bob followed everyone's gaze to a balcony, where Bill and the pope stood side by side. Before Bob could recover from his amazement, a man standing beside him poked him in the ribs. With a heavily accented voice the man asked "Who's that up there on the balcony with Bill?"

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