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Various Ants Of The World

Topic: g-rated

Various Ants Of The World

A strange ant is aberrANT.

An overweight ant is abundANT.

Ants that keep books are accountANTs.

Ants who play poker must ANTe up.

Helpful workers are assistANTs.

An ant that floats is buoyANT.

Individually, ants are stupid. Together, they're brilliANT.

A hip ant in a radiator is coolANT.

Soldier ants are combatANTs.

Head soldiers are commandANTs.

An ant that dries up in the sun is a currANT.

An ant on trial is a defendANT.

Sad workers are depressANTs.

Anteaters are digestANTs.

An ant that is not close is distANT.

The biggest ant in the world is the elephANT!

Queens are always expectANT.

An obvious ant is flagrANT.

Ants that smell good are fragrANT.

A brave ant is gallANT.

Very large ants are giANT.

An ant that comes from another colony is an immigrANT.

A real fast ant does things in an instANT.

Very happy ants are jubilANT.

Ants who work in service stations use lubricANT.

Soldier ants are militANT.

An ant exposed to radiation becomes a mutANT.

Fashionable ants wear designer pANTs.

A fertilized queen just glows- she's radiANT.

Lots of ants do the same jobs- they're redundANT.

A dependable ant is reliANT.

An ant that chews its cud is a ruminANT.

Ants who repair car tires use a sealANT.

Some soldier ants are sergeANTs.

A good worker is the queen's servANT.

An ant with a split personality is sibliANT.

Soldier ants that win battles are triumphANT!

Ants that don't go to school are truANT.

A freeloading ant is a vagrANT.

An ant that plays xylophone is a vibrANT.

Worker ants are vigilANT.

To search an anthill, you need a warrANT.

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