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A Drug Addict Wants To Learn How To Fly A Helicopter. He Goes To

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A drug addict wants to learn how to fly a helicopter. He goes to the air field and sees two old pilots sitting at a table playing cards. He asks them to teach him how to fly a helicopter. They both look at each other and think "NO WAY am I going up with this drug addict." So, they tell the guy that they will talk him thru it on the radio after he completes ground school. So the guy leaves and the old men think that that will be the last time that they see him.

About a month later the addict returns with a stack of certificates. He had placed #1 in his class and graduated ground school with honors. The old men keep their word and strap the addict into the helicopter. They get on the radio and tell him to start the engine and just hover. The addict starts up perfectly and lifts off the ground exactly three inches and holds it steady as a rock. They tell him to go to 5,000 feet and hold it. He goes straight up, stops exactly at 5,000 feet and holds it steady as a rock. The old men are really impressed. So, they tell him to take it to 10,000 feet and hold it. He does that perfectly. The old look at each other in amazement.

Just then the helicopter comes crashing to the ground. The men run over there and pull the addict out of the wreckage and ask him what happened. The addict replies, "I got cold so I turned off the fan."

ALPHA v0.3