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Press Release Pkzip Version 2.04Z The Ultimate In Compression

Topic: computer



-Multiple archives in one cluster: Why waste an entire 512, 1024, or up to 4096 bytes on one single file. PKZIP 2.04Z packs multiple zip-files into one cluster with PKWARE's new ZleepingBag (TM) technology, the best way ever to bag your zip-files.

-New Something-to-Nothing File Fractionalization (SNUFF) compression algorithm reduces entire archive into one VERY informative byte*.

-New -gbg (garble-but-good) option generates random passwords for encrypted archives. Nobody, but nobody, will be able to break into your secure data. Just try to unzip the file yourself, and see how well it works!!

-New PKSFD option for creating self-deleting archives. It takes the "This tape will self-destruct in five seconds" concept one step further, applying it to the space-age realm of computers.

-New -dm (delete-before-move) option deletes files from disk and then moves them to the archive. This ensures that archived files take up the smallest possible space (zero bytes).

With this host of new options, can you afford to be without PKZIP version 2.04Z! Order your copy today and unclutter your hard drive with PKWARE's new PKUHDR (PK Unconditional Hard Disk Reformat) utility, included as a special bonus.

*Note: The new SNUFF algorithm is available in PKZIP but is not supported in PKUNZIP. It is intended to be analogous with the popular WOM (Write-Only-Memory) integrated circuit chip.

ALPHA v0.3