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Top 10 Reasons Ibm Is Buying Lotus

Topic: computer

Top 10 Reasons IBM is buying Lotus ----------------------------------

10. IBM Finance could not run their Visicalc spreadsheets in OS/2 Warp.

9. IBM wants to show Microsoft that they have better Anti-trust lawyers.

8. IBM thought they were buying the auto company.

7. Lotus CEO Jim Manzi mooned Lou Gerstner on the Lotus Home Page.

6. IBM's own email product, ccProfs, never caught on.

5. It was the easiest way for IBM to acquire copies of Windows 95.

4. Bill Gates double-dared Lou Gerstner.

3. Lotus Warp rhymes with basketball guard Otis Thorpe.

2. IBM will rename Lotus' spreadsheet program to 1-2-3.5 billion.

1. The Notes server in Armonk is down.

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