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What Geeks Do For Romance -------------------------

Topic: computer

What Geeks Do For Romance -------------------------

Re: Geeks

1. Stalking.

2. Wearing night vision goggles while perched in a tree or something. (see 1) 3. Asking a girl out while speaking "Klingon". Then laughing when she doesn't understand.

4. Calling 1-900 numbers

5. Finding a teleconferencing BBS and looking for girls

6. Walking nonchalantly through the longerie section of Sears 3 or 4 times, sneaking quick furtive glances

7. Dressing up as a federation of planets ADMIRAL - because hey, chicks dig the people with the highest rank

8. Setting your CASIO watch to beep when you're next to some girl and hoping she'll say: "Wow Bernard, is that the new Casio GMT-90 with global positioning tracking and indiglo? You're cool."

9. Playing some "interactive sex" game on your computer

10. GIFs! GIFs!

ALPHA v0.3