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Computer Blues --------------

Topic: computer

Computer Blues --------------

Ever notice how fellow employees often depend heavily on

computers? Everytime they lose your paycheck or haven't finished the

work that they swore on an electronic Bible they'd have completed a

week ago, they turn to the trusty computer and say, "It's the

computer's fault." This is a foolproof scheme used by fools. They

don't even need to know how to operate the computer. They just have to

learn the fine skills of pointing their index finger at their computer

and blaming it, knowing darned well that the computer will not speak up

in its own defense. This leads one to wonder: what would these same

employees do had computers never been invented?


#1-Disgruntled employee: It's pay day. What do you mean you can't give

me my paycheck until next week?

Payroll Office: We're very sorry but the waste paper basket deleted



#2-Angry Supervisor: Don't just sit there staring off into space. Get

back to work.

Accountant: But I can't do any work right now, sir. My pencil is

out of order.


#3-Annoyed Supervisor: Where are those files I said to put on my desk?

Secretary: I can't get at them. The file cabinet is malfunctioning,

and the repairman won't be here until this afternoon.

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