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Subject Geek Speak!

Topic: computer

Subject: Geek Speak!

The following is a vocabulary list of common words...which are you?

Word Geek Normal ============= ================ =================== Code software instruction cryptic message

Boot load operating sys. footwear

Virus makes computer sick makes you sick

Memory data storage retained ideas

News Usenet NBC/CNN/C-Span

Mail electronic letters bills/junk mail

FIDO subnet dog

Pen pointing device writing with ink thing

Slip external comm. a fall/undergarment

Tip open line for comm. $$ for waiters/waitresses

Mouse pointing device rodent

Screen terminal face metal mesh

Spool swap device thing that holds thread

Thread code structure method stuff on spools

OOP C++ a booboo

Ports serial, parallel.... place where ships dock

Floppy removeable disk limp

Harddrive fixed disk difficult trip

Windows GUI nightmare cleaning nightmare

Root sysadm bottom part of plant

Smalltalk programming language chit chat

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