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Electronic Jargon Made Easy

Topic: computer


Antenna coupling - Insect's foreplay Banana plug - Fruit marketing board advert Base drive - Primitive motivation Bass - (See tuner) Block diagram - Rugby strategy plan Bonding wire - Cheap wedding ring Bridge rectifier - Nose-break specialist Bubble gate - Entrance to soap factory Burn in - Pyromaniac's convention Local Bus - Public Transport Carrier - Transportation company Character density - Number of odd people at the office Circuit board - Racing track committee Circuit breaker - New lap record Core dump - Orchard compost heap Coupling methods - Positions for intercourse Crosstalk - Angry words Current mode logic - Contemporary fad in mathematics Current status - Available bank balance Cursor - Expert in the use of four-letter word Degraded minute - TV program interrupted by an advert Delayed trigger - Loser in a gun fight Discrete device - Little white lie Discriminator - Bigot Doping techniques - Alcoholism made easy Electromotive force - Electric railway engine Emphasis network - CNN Equalizer - HiFi component Floppy controller - Slave driver Floppy disk - Tired UFO Four-bit latch - Cheap lock Four terminal network - Small railway company Full adder - Type of snake Group delay - Long queue Group translation - Interpretation for foreigners Heatshrink - Tropical psychiatrist Hex code - Witchcraft standards High pass filter - Strong cigarette High to low transition - Income tax deduction from pay rise Jump instruction - Order to paratrooper Joystick - Sexual aid Kermit - Frog Muppet Keyboard - Musical instrument Line driver - Road hog Log amplifier - Tree fertilizer Low pass - Indecent proposal Macintosh - Rain coat Megabyte - Glutton Megahertz - Large car rental company Memory management - Brain washing Microchips - Diet Microwave dish - Temperature resistant china Minimum loss pad - Low rental apartment Mixer - Kitchen helper Mob system - Laws as set down by the Mafia Monostable - For one horse only Motherboard - Nun's convention Multiplexer - Situation causing much concern Negative feedback - Vomit Network - Fisherman's occupation OMOS - Underwater vegetation Operating system - Surgeons' standards OR gate - Turn-off before toll road Path loss - Heavy petrol consumption Pilot detector - Airport security Plan position indicator - Kama Sutra Potential difference - Argument between body builder and nerd Power connection - Friend in high places Power plant - Nutritional vegetable Primary cell - Pre-sentence jail Pulse delay - Cardiac arrest RAM card - Sheep identification tag Push-pull control - Wresting match referee Rectifier - Ombudsman Saw-tooth generator - Dentist Side band - Support act at a concert Star connected - Well-known in Hollywood Strip line - Queue outside night club Sync - Place to wash your hands Sync period - Boat warranty time Thermal noise - Rattling old heater Time division - Day planner Transient suppression - Anti-vagrancy law Trimpot - Weight reduction plan Truth table - Torture rack Tuner - Fish Two-button mouse - Laboratory rat Unix - Cousin of Asterix Waveguide - Saltwater pipes Windows - Holes in the wall you can see through

ALPHA v0.3